Capo di Tutto Pasta started in 1997 as a way for founder, Jill Rodger, to supplement her college bartending gig in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. What began as an experiment and a bit of fun, has ended up becoming a full-time job and a full-blown business in the state, where she now sells at multiple farmers markets, to CSA programs, and grocery stores in both ,Nebraska and Colorado.

Having always had a love of pasta, her fascination grew while living near the Italian Market in South Philadelphia, and spending time with the vendors there. She learned to make pasta with the help of a couple knowledgeable friends, and furthered her education with multiple trips to the different regions of Italy. Emilia-Romagna was a favorite, Bologna in particular, and also the Marche region, which is home to the notable pasta-making town of Campofilone, a small municipality of only around 1200 people, but where some of the best pasta in the world is still made today..

The best inspiration I ever received, was given to me by a no-nonsense octogenarian pasta maker in Campofilone, who after I’d explained my process to her in my remedial Italian, told me, “tutto quello que fai e sbaliatio” or “everything you do is wrong.” Deflated, I came back to the states and started all over again, and I’m glad I did because more than two decades later – I still absolutely love what I do.